Frans van Ierland

Customer Technology Advisor |

Frans is werkzaam geweest voor bedrijven zoals Splunk, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, en Phoenix Technologies, waar hij rollen vervulde in de cybersecurity, identity, en in data integratie werkgebieden; Op dit moment is, Frans werkzaam bij Wiz Inc. in het vakgebied rondom Cloud Security, Technologie en advisory waarin hij groot zakelijke klanten adviseert rondom product keuze en Cloud security strategie├źn .


As customer technology advisor at Wiz, Frans provides advice and guidance to executive teams, policymakers, and boards; helping organizations to get more value from cloud security solutions; The goal: Driving simplification through innovation based on customer feedback, while working and innovating backwards from those customer requirements to the outcome they desire! Frans worked for companies like Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Phoenix Technologies and has held a list of positions in the cybersecurity, identity, and data integration space through his 36+ years of working with Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Frans is working at on ML/AI-driven security services, analytics Driven Security content, and Cloud security intelligent infrastructure and workload protection.