Joel Tasche

Co-founder & CEO | CleanHub

Joel Tasche is the founder and CEO of CleanHub, a clean-tech startup that aims to preserve and protect the world’s oceans.

CleanHub is the only organization that is building a truly scalable and sustainable solution to prevent plastic pollution.

Their product enables brands to take immediate action on one of the biggest environmental issues we face today - the plastic crisis. Joel and his team plan to prevent 50% of new ocean plastic by 2030 and give brands a simple way to be part of that mission.

Unlike alternative approaches that are focused on recovering plastic once it is already in nature, CleanHub is stopping it from getting there in the first place. Ocean plastic pollution is solved on land, not in the sea. CleanHubs tracks all the plastic recovered through their software and processes it in the most environmentally sustainable way available. Joel Tasche has raised millions of euros for his solution, getting the support of many big brands that want to be part of the mission.

The start-up has so far recovered thousands of tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste and prevented it from ever reaching our oceans.