How to gain a competitive advantage by contributing to open source

Nick Veenhof | Director of Contributor Success; GitLab

There is a myth that contributing to open source is only for those who want to improve tomorrow, regardless of the impact to their business. The truth could not be further away from this common belief. Nick Veenhof will explain you why contributing to open source actually creates a competitive advantage based on science, not just beliefs. Here are some questions we will answer together.

  • Why would a company by open by design
  • What competitive benefits do you get by using open source
  • What competitive benefits do you get by contributing back to open source
  • How to choose the project to contribute back to, with real life examples from the GitLab & Drupal communities, and looking at some other communities like Kubernetes & Wordpress
  • How to get started? How do I convince leadership or even our customers? What do you need and what can you expect?