Building a to-do app within 30 minutes. Supercharged app development with OutSystems

Mohammed Ezzarfani | Solution architect; LINKIT
Paulo Caseiro | Outsystems Consultant; LINKIT

NOTE: Session in English

With this workshop, I aim to let you experience how easy and fast it can be to build apps in OutSystems, with little to no knowledge about software development.
As a demonstration of how simple this can be done, I will help you create a 'To Do' app where any tasks can be added and completed. This knowledge can be brought into your own company and show some of the potential of OutSystems and create a way to innovate. Of course, it can also motivate you for further personal development and might even be a solution for solving some current challenges you might have. I'm looking forward to guiding you in this first step forward!

NOTE: if you would like to join this session please take your laptop, fully charged, with you. If you register for this session, you will receive an email with the necessary technical details a few days before the actual event.

NOTE: voor deze workshop moet je een eigen laptop meenemen, zorg ervoor dat deze opgeladen is. Daarnaast willen wij je graag van tevoren een instructie sturen zodat je de sessie goed voorbereid kan starten. Indien je de sessie wilt volgen, dan ontvangen wij graag je gegevens zodat wij een instructie kunnen sturen. Je kan dit mailen naar de organisatie via